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What I Do

 Chronic pain is a beast, and most people who live with it are expected to suffer in silence. As a massage therapist I discovered I had a knack for bringing relief. Then when I add a spiritual, holistic element in, I figured out my own proprietary method of relieving chronic pain that works. My passion is to help people with chronic headache and/or fibromyalgia live joy-filled, pain-free lives. 

Relief from Chronic pain through Reiki, Crystal Healing, and Bodywork. 

 Come see me. $80 and up.

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About Me


Reiki and Crystal Healing

 I am a Certified Crystal Master and Reiki Master Practitioner. Reiki healing and Crystal healing are both a great addition to traditional allopathic medicine and help to relax and calm the body, mind and spirit.  

Spirit Readings

 Although I have seen spirits since I was a little girl (my parents did too) I became aware of mediumship as a "thing" only a couple years ago. I began following Alea Dawn on Facebook and became friends with her. While becoming certified as a Crystal Master I began seeing ads on Facebook for an Evidential Mediumship course. You see I was very well aware that the 30th anniversary of my mom's death was fast approaching and I'm not kidding when I say I saw those ads ALL THE TIME!  Each time I felt a little nudge "you should do this!" "maybe you'll see your mom" "Gee I really miss my mom" "It's almost 30 years" on and on and on until I clicked the link for more information. 

Literally at the first class I connected with my mom and with Alea's grandfather (black coffee and burnt toast!) I went from a lonely daughter who was   desperately  missing her mom to a professional medium by learning how to organize my thoughts and present them in a coherent way.

I am a Certified Evidential Medium. I use your energy during an informal "chat" that will help provide you with some answers and maybe some closure regarding a loved one who has moved on

Integrative Bodywork

Certified in  Theraputic  Massage at Centerpoint Massage and Shiatsu Therapy School and Clinic in Minneapolis Minnesota I am uniquely qualified to combine my knowledge of massage with the use of Reiki and other healing modalities.   Over the years I have begun to specialize in helping people who experience chronic pain. I've found that a combination of massage techniques and Reiki as well as specific crystals have garnered tremendous results for my clients. I'm honestly not sure why it works, I just know that it does. 


Curious about crystals and crystal healing? I have written several crystal modules from basic crystal knowledge to more advance healing practices using crystals. Ideas for self care, chakra balancing, and home use are included. Take just one module or take them all. More are being added as they are developed. 


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